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6 Days Rongai Route Trekking

6 Days Rongai Route Trekking


The Rongai Route is the only trail that starts from the northern side of Mount Kilimanjaro that offers a true wilderness experience on the early stages of the climb. It can be hiked on a six, seven or even eight day route. The seven or eight day Rongai Routes are highly recommended as trekkers have extra days to acclimatize. The Rongai joins the Marangu for the summit climb, and then you descend the Marangu Route on the mountain’s southeast side, so you see Kilimanjaro from many view points

The itinerary below is for a six day Rongai Route trek. Seven and eight day trekkers usually spend an additional day at Mawenzi Tarn (4,300 meters) to acclimatize. Eight day trekkers also stop on day two at Rongai Second Cave (3,450 meters) before proceeding to Kikelewa Camp (3,600 meters).


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